Travelling Places (Regensburg)


So thankfully the time came for me to go on holiday, thank the lord. I honestly can say how grateful I am to have a break. But it’s also scary to see that’s it’s the summer and that we are half way through the year already ughhh how is time going so quickly I can still remember when I was like 4/5 and a year felt like ages probably it felt as if centuries had passed in one year I mean I guess when your younger you don’t really have a sense of time but now as I’m getting older a year happens way to quickly the even scarier thing is I saw I think it was on Instagram a post saying that it’s closer to 2030 then it is to 2000 when I thought about it I was like fuck no way. It’s then when you look back and those things that felt like yesterday where actually many years back. For example the London Olympics I can remember them so well and that was 5 years ago now or the Queens Diamond Jubilee etc when you think about it time flies even when your not always having fun.

Anyways got side tracked from what this post is about so thankfully I got a break which meant a bit of tlc care for me meaning obviously for the summer as I obviously don’t clearly have enough clothes already and seeing as I wanted to make my bank hate me even more I had to go and get some(bit of an understatement) new clothes and then get my nails done which look really good probably because one) I didn’t do them myself as I have the shakiest hands and two) I would have to wait for them to dry (I’m the most impatient person and when I do them myself I never wait for them to properly dry so they end up getting smudged) basically I hadn’t even gone on holiday yet and my bank account was already hating me.

So I went many places over my break and one of the places which I went to and surprised me the most at how much I absolutely loved it was Regensburg in Germany when my mum first told me this was one of the places we were going I was thinking: I don’t see why it’s worth going to, but I absolutely take those word back, very quickly I fell in love with this city ( and yes I had to check if it was a city or town because yes as well as my spelling skills my geography skills are pretty shit as well but it apparently is a city as it has a Cathedral in it as you will see in the pictures your about to see) This city is so beautiful wherever you look there is something to see. Architecture one thing I never ever appreciated until the last month when I had to do something in art looking at architecture. The small details everything has whether that be the flower boxes or the stain windows or even the cathedral exterior as well as interior is amazing. One thing I also fell in love with was the shops and cute side streets/ alleyways round every corner there was something completely different and I spent way to much money buying unnecessary things but it’s my middle name ‘good@spending’.
When I was walking around one of the many things I saw was ice cream parlours or shops so being the typical tourist I was I went and bought an ice cream mind you I swear ice cream is quite an English thing who knows. I had two scoops of mango ice cream ( can we just appreciate how healthy that is for me as I can never get enough chocolate) anyway it tastes so good I can’t recommend this flavour enough if you haven’t tried it, I’m forcing you to try it.

Another places we went for lunch which apparently is a must when going to Regensburg (if your not a vegetarian or vegan) which I definitely agree to now that I have been is the Historishe Wurstkuchl which translates to historical sausage kitchen which has been there for over 500 years. You can see them cooking the sausages over the coal and wood grill and I had two sausages in a roll with mustard which I wasn’t to sure about when I was offered it but I though fuck it I’m here to try something new but omfg I never thought in a million years I would say this but that mustard tastes sooooooooooooo good it’s not like a sour one it’s more of sweet one. If you want more detail to what it looks like it a type of wholegrain mustard they make but anyway if you ever visit this city definitely go here.

This City was full of photo opportunities as you will be able to tell from all the photos I took but I’m definitely going to have to come back here. Over my holiday it really made me realise that I should start saving money so I can go travelling which I would love to do and is an amazing opportunity so hopefully I will be able to quit spending and start saving.

Hope you all have had a good summer so far if you go the chance to go on holiday let me know where you went or if you have gone travelling where did you go and what was the best and worst part


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Easy + Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Heya, Hope you had a good week and it wasn’t to bad. I thought I would post this recipe that I absolutely love and can’t stop making/eating, I can’t help myself I love sugar so much. Anyways I am an extremely lazy person like you everything is so much effort in my opinion so if I can find a way to make something quicker or easier I will. I could achieve a lot if I put all the energy I wasted from complaining and procrastination into putting my mind to do something, but oh well we can’t all be perfect.
So the other day some cinnamon roll recipe came up on my Instagram as I was stalking through the very little ( ok that’s a lie ) food accounts that I follow and I saw a recipe using cinnamon rolls for something which then lead to me craving cinnamon rolls. My friend was coming round the next day so I though why not make some cinnamon rolls as I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So I googled the recipe for cinnamon rolls and we spent almost a good hour making the dough and preparing the ingredients and I thought yes we can finally put the cinnamon and sugar on as it’s about to go in the oven. Oh hell no we had to apparently ‘leave it to rest’ for another bloody 20 minutes all I wanted was just to fucking eat them and yes I could have bought them but fresh cinnamon rolls taste amazingggggg. Finally we finished the cinnamon rolls put them in the oven let them cook and then once they had finished we ate them. But I was thinking this is so not worth it there must be an easier way to do it.
Then I got researching and voila I found a much easier and quicker way to do it than these recipients which claim to be quick and easy but take over 1 h and 50 minutes to do. The simple solution is… to use puff pastry. I literally am so in love with these cinnamon rolls they are so fucking good. All you need to do is brush some melted butter over put some brown sugar and cinnamon on, roll it, cut it and bake. And don’t worry if you don’t share them I have on multiple times eat them all by myself it’s just to hard to resist.

Anyways here is the recipe:

1x puff pastry

2 tbsp melted butter

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

55g of light brown sugar

1)Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius

2)Roll out the puff pastry on a floured surface

3)Brush some of the melted butter over one side but don’t use all the butter

4)Then sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon all over the butter

5)Roll it up ( if you have time put it in the fridge for 15 minutes)

6)Using a knife slice into roughly 8 equal pieces( it’s ok if you can’t get them the same size I never can manage the art of equal)

7)Lay it on the paper – barely touching then brush over them with the remaining butter

8)Bake for 16 minutes.
I hope you enjoy baking and eating these as much as I did. Let me know if you have any questions and how you got on.

(Ps I found the spell check button thank the lord #technologyproblems :/ )


First Ever Blog Post// Monthly favourites!!


So I thought I would give this ago as I love to talk and basically can’t shut up so I thought why not try blogging. I would like to try to keep this as anonymous (I had to Google how to spell that as I am shit at spelling. I don’t understand how I am expected to spell in another language when I can’t even spell in my own language, anyways back to what I was talking about) So I want to try and keep this blog as anonymous as possible because I don’t want this blog to be about what I look like or what background I come from and the list could go on. If you have got this far and are still reading beware that I ramble a lot and thank you for still reading, hopefully I won’t bore you too much. I don’t know why I am writing like I am speaking to an audience because the only person that will probably be reading this is me #notevenembarrassed.(And yes I had to Google how to spell that as well) But incase somebody other than me is reading this comment saying how you found this blog. Right enough about that. I thought as it’s the end of May and the start of June. How the fuck are we almost half way through 2017?!! Anyway I thought I would do a monthly favourites.

p.s if you have suggestions or questions about what you want me to: talk, review, post about next let me know.

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Bourjois So Laque Glossy – 15 Peace And Mauve

I love this nail varnish, it comes out such a nice colour and I could just use one coat and it still look amazing but I prefer using two coats. With two coats it enhances the colour even more. The nail polish goes onto the nail really easily and dries really quickly on the nail which is really good because I am so impatient. The other good thing is that if you use your hands a lot on a daily basis nail varnishes chips however I have worn this for 12 days now and even though there are a few chips they aren’t noticeable. It does say on the nail varnish ‘up to 10 days’ if they mean up to 10 days without any chips then I would disagree but they are barely noticable and out of a lots of long-lasting nail polishes that I have tried I would say this is one of the best ones.

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Benefit Hoola Bronzer – Travel Sized Mini

OMFG this is legit the best bronzer everrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I know everyone raves about this product but it is so amazing. Lots of people love this bronzer and I wanted to get it but I was thinking is it really that good because some higher end products that I have tested before as I heard good things about them didn’t impress me that much. I didn’t want to buy the Hoola Bronzer and spend all that money on it and never really use it, anyways I saw the mini one and I thought I’ll try it and if I love it I can get the full size one. I tried it out and its amazing I wear this everyday no joke I can’t not wear it now. It lasts a long time and gives an amazing glow to your face without it looking unnatural. Since I have started wearing this so many people have asked about what bronzer or contour I am wearing. Another good thing about this bronzer is that it is so blendable and blends really well because we all have experienced a time, ok maybe it’s only me that’s experienced this but when you think your bronzer is nicely blended and you think yes I am looking peng and you go into another room and catch yourself in the mirror and think fuckk I look like an orange so you go back to blend it only to really struggle blending it in. However I don’t need to much and the coverage is buildable if you like to look like a bronzed goddess. I also wasn’t expecting the brush to be that good but it’s actually really good I use that and my real techniques contour brush to blend it and the combination of them both work really well. I cannot recommend this product enough.

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PANDORA – Ring of Daisies

 The next thing I have absolutely been loving this month is this ring. I didn’t buy this but my best friend bought it for me and I don’t think I have a gone a day since she bought it for me not wearing it. It is a really nice simple accessory (this is really making me realise how bad my spelling is had to Google how to spell that) anyway it’s a really nice accessory which isn’t to over the top but looks amazing. It also goes with pretty much with anything and everything and isn’t too over the top.


As soon as I got this I had to swatch all the colours my arm was like a rainbow gone wrong. This palette is so pretty and has so many amazing colours which I have worn. It’s filled with loads of golds, bronzes,neutrals, nudes, taupes, browns, reds etc! I also really like the fact that it got a mixture between mattes, metallics, and shimmers. The pigmentation is really good and for the quality and amount of eyeshadows that are in this palette I would say this is really affordable and the colours go with any skin tone. There are 35 different coloured eyeshadows so as this costs £22 you could say its less than a £1 for each eyeshadow (that’s about as far as my maths skills go, to state the obvious) It’s also quite slim which makes it easier for storage than a really bulky and overpackaged product. I highly recommend this palette as you get so many shades which are so well pigmented and all blend so easily.

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Neal’s Yard Remedies – Melissa Hand Cream

This hand cream is so good. I have really dry skin and therefore I have like the driest hands ever, thankfully not sensitive but just soooooo dry. This cream is such a saviour especially in the winter but I use it all year round. I am quite a lazy person and I can never be bothered to get out of bed to go to the other end of my room to grab body moisturizer or go to my draws to get out a moisturizer and most of the time I forget (First world problems). I know that sounds awful as you should always moisturizer so when I do remember my skin really does benefit. As this is not to big and it’s really effective I keep it right next to my bed so I always remember to moisturizer my hands before I go to bed. I take it with me in my handbag, take it with me on holiday basically wherever I go this handcream is with me. This is quite pricey for a hand cream but it is so effective and nourishing, it also has a nice lemon scent which some people don’t like but I quite like the scent.

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L’Oreal Infallible – Total Cover Foundation

AGHHHHHHH if you love full coverage foundations you will love this. I can’t stop wearing it. It has more of a silky, mousse consistency and the coverage was brilliant leaving me with a really flawless finish. I also love that it does last all day. I have bought so many foundations which didn’t last me that long but this lasts so well, especially with powder applied on top.  I didn’t need to use concealer on my red areas and it covered evenly and coverage lasted all day even over the red areas. The only thing i would say is if you have lots of open pores they show up a bit with this foundation. I would also say it doesn’t feel as lightweight as the infallible matte but it doesn’t feel heavy either. If you’re looking for an amazing full long-lasting drugstore foundation I cannot recommend this foundation enough.

I don’t know how regularly I am going to post but I am going to try to aim for every week. Let me know if you have any of these products and if you liked/disliked them. I have written over… well right now I have wrote to be exact 1405 words I don’t even write that much in my english essays but I guess that’s because half the time I have not a clue what William Shakespeare is talking about I need to have something like a Shakespeare translate a bit like google translate if only that was invented anyway, I hope you have a good week!